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DCI - Urgent Solicitation - Junior Analyst - Support For Development of Red River Flood Plan - FEMA Region VIII (Denver, Colorado)

Project: Darley Consulting, Inc. (DCI) is soliciting a qualified Junior Analyst to assist FEMA Region VIII (Denver, Colorado) in providing operational planning, technical assistance, and project management services to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Response Directorate and Region VIII in catastrophic operational readiness planning to include logistics and surge personnel, transportation, and evacuation, supporting the development of the Red River Flood Plan. The project will result in the flood response for impacted areas but not exclusive to the States of North Dakota and South Dakota.

Specialty Required: (1) Junior Analyst.

Job Description: please see attached.

Clearance Level: U.S. Secret.

Junior Analyst:

Duties and Responsibilities: This position provides general assistance and oversight support to the project to include ensuring logistical requirements for meetings and other events are met and assisting in research, analysis and development of recommendations. They are also responsible for the day to day management of information and documents — SharePoint sites, share drives and/or HSIN.  Individual assists with the development of information papers, briefing materials and presentations. 

Minimum/General Experience: Five (5) years of related work experience. Two (2) years of related experience may be substituted for a Bachelor’s Degree.

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree.

Documentation: Personnel interested in these positions should utilize the resume format (downloadable) found here.

Please send completed resumes to

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