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News at DCI - October 2011

Darley Consulting Inc. has witnessed significant growth over these past few months. We have acquired new instructors, new clients, and added new standards to our Major Emergency Management (MEM) program.

Our personnel have been selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to fill critical assignments around the country. These positions are critical to FEMAs success in preparing for disasters and enhancing national security policy.

  • Senior Planner, FEMA Region IV (Atlanta, Georgia) and FEMA Region V (Chicago, Illinois). DCI personnel are actively engaged in writing and implementing All-Hazards emergency plans for 14 states.
  • Our former military officers have also been assigned as Senior Planners in national security preparation which includes the 2012 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Group of Eight (G8) summits.

Another success we are pleased to announce concerns our Major Emergency Management (MEM) program. The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), recognized globally for their standards in the offshore oil and gas sector, has formally accredited our program, the first of its kind for a road-show MEM program.

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Darley Consulting Inc. is a U.S. veteran owned business.