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Major Emergency Management

Major Emergency Management (MEM) training (including Person In Charge (PIC) Assessment) is offered at the DCI training facility in Houston. MEM training provides OIMs, Ship Masters, PIC, or First Level Leaders (FLL) and their associates with hands-on training in both...

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Command Center Training

When emergencies threaten, Command Center personnel at shore-side units are the first contact by the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) or Ship Master. Command Center personnel often must coordinate a suitable response on the fly, under extreme stress, based on their...

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Bridge Emergency Management

Bridge Emergency Management (BEM) training is designed for the Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO), Ballast Control Operator (BCO), Control Room Operator (CRO), Third Mates, and other personnel who maintain a watch on the bridge. This 5-day course provides bridge watchstanders with...

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Leadership Training

Leadership is crucial in an emergency. Although most OIMs receive extensive management training, very few of them have been trained in leadership. Management is about processes. Leadership is about people.

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Onboard Training Audit

An onboard training audit evaluates the competence of your offshore personnel to address emergencies of every type. We deliver a confidential report of our findings, along with detailed recommendations for improvement.

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Incident Command System

This standardized, all-hazard management concept was originally designed for U.S. emergency-management agencies. It is so successful that it has since been adopted by agencies in other countries as well.

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