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Command Center Training

Command Center Training (CCT): ready to respond

No amount of training can ever eliminate the possibility of emergencies at sea. Our time-tested training, based on the soundest of offshore and military fundamentals, will minimize the damage.

Prior to the initiation of federally recommended Incident Command System (ICS) procedures, your shore-side Command Center personnel must be ready to offer rapid and accurate response information to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and Ship Master during emergencies at sea.

In an emergency, Command Center watchstanders must immediately:

  • Understand the nature and ramifications of the emergency
  • Utilize the Emergency Response Manual (ERM) in conjunction with offshore procedures
  • Guide the offshore command team
  • Dispatch swift support to the site
  • Coordinate with company executives, local, state and federal authorities

Darley Consulting teaches these skills as three vital tasks: 1) communication, 2) command and control, and 3) coordination and documentation. With theory and simulation, we teach—and drill—best practices in each of these essential tasks.

We will bring our portable training program to your facility or provide CCT at our Houston Training Facility. Working in conjunction with your HSE and/or HR department, our follow-on drills at your facility (announced or un-announced) will ensure continuity of operations and provide an immediate appraisal of your current setup. 

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Everyone learns how to deal with extreme stress during Command Center Training: their own and their team's.
Our Houston Training Facility contains an exceptionally realistic command center, complete with sound, smoke, video, and communication equipment.