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Major Emergency Management MEM Training Schedule

Major Emergency Management (MEM) (and PIC Assessment): Action-Oriented Leadership

The best teacher is experience. And although no one wants your OIM, Ship Master, Person In Charge (PIC) or First Level Leader (FLL) and associated emergency response teams to learn from a real emergency, we offer the next-best thing: Working in a highly realistic simulator, we present your command team with actual disasters at sea and teach them to operate the vessel’s command center with confidence and skill, despite extreme stress.

When it comes to education, our state-of-the-art simulator at our Houston Training Facility is incomparable in the offshore oil and gas sector. Our program will allow your team to make complex, instantaneous decisions that ensure the safety of people and asset.

Exercise scenarios include:

  • Helicopter crash
  • Loss of Station Keeping
  • Terrorist strike
  • Blowout
  • Class Bravo fire
  • Abandonment
  • H2S
  • Electrical fire
  • Subsea pipeline failure
  • Collision

Our 5-day leadership-intensive program teaches not only the most effective emergency tactics, but also the art of command at sea. We build confident leaders who will take decisive and appropriate action on behalf of their crew and platform.

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In the simulator, the stressed OIM must maintain calm and order as the team works through electrical outages, smoke, injuries, wind and waves all the realities of an emergency at sea.
Major Emergency Management requires the full participation of the entire command crew. No one is unimportant. Just as in real emergency scenarios at sea, your personnel may find them themselves working in blackout conditions and dealing with casualties.