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Onboard Training Audit

Onboard Training Audit: assessing competence

“Nothing is more dangerous than for a seaman to be grudging in taking precautions lest they turn out to have been unnecessary. Safety at sea for a thousand years has depended on exactly the opposite philosophy.”—Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, U.S. Navy

With the rapid increase of security threats, managers need to know that the training activities in their companies are helping to support the success of the corporate goals. Our Onboard Training Audit will give you the information you must have to make informed training, equipment support, and personnel and compliance decisions as you steer the company's increased levels of competency in employee safety.

Conducted during weekly, scheduled exercises on the rig, audits are 1 - 3 days and reveal how your emergency responders work under pressure.

Darley Consulting audits these functions:

  • Command center (emergency-management team)
  • Fire and rescue team
  • Helideck team
  • Man-overboard boat team
  • Lifeboat team
  • First-aid team
  • Communications

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Responding effectively to an emergency requires both knowledge and realistic practice, especially under stress.
When seconds count, your crew's reflexes must be automatic and correct.